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Guided Wildlife Canoe Trails at Strumpshaw Fen

RSPB Guided Wildlife Canoe Trails at Strumpshaw Fen - Explore the beautiful Stumpshaw Fen by canoe, home of marsh harriers, bitterns, kingfishers and so much more - TheCanoeMan, Canoeing & Kayaking in the Norfolk Broads National Park, England, UK

Why not join us on a beautiful canoe trail passing around and through one of Norfolk’s loveliest wildlife reserves. This reserve has the full range of broadland habitats and wildlife. Walk round the reedbeds, woodlands and orchid-rich meadows and you could chance upon marsh harriers, bitterns and kingfishers. Come in spring and summer when the meadows bloom with flowers, and see an array of dragonflies and butterflies, including the spectacular swallowtail.

Seasonal Highlights

Each season brings a different experience at our nature reserves. In spring, the air is filled with birdsong as they compete to establish territories and attract a mate.
In summer, look out for young birds making their first venture into the outside world.
Autumn brings large movements of migrating birds - some heading south to a warmer climate, others seeking refuge in the UK from the cold Arctic winter.
In winter, look out for large flocks of birds gathering to feed, or flying at dusk to form large roosts to keep warm.
You will be met and led by one of our professional Canoe guides who will not only enlighten you to the art of canoeing but also introduce you to the local wildlife whilst taking a leisurely paddle through the reed beds of Rockland Broad and circum-navigating the reserve.

RSBP Wildlife Trail Dates

Course Details
There are currently no dates available for this activity. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you require any further details or would like to talk about other dates, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or on 01603 783777

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