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The Bure Valley Paddle Steamer

Norfolk's first

Ride the train upstream and paddle back down again!

Take the Bure Valley Steam Railway from Wroxham to Buxton where you pick up your canoe and paddle back downstream to your starting point.

Once you get off the train in Buxton, there is a short 10/15 minute walk from the station platform to the launch point in the village. You will then be met by a friendly instructor who will check that you’re comfortable with the canoe, paddling and the route and will set you on your way back downstream again! This trip is perfect as you are only ever paddling with the flow, meaning that it is a peaceful and effortless float back downstream into Wroxham. The upper end of The Bure is non-navigable, meaning that there are no motorboats – perfect for when you are just getting your bearings and practising manoeuvring the canoe. Once you are in Coltishall you are then entering navigable water, however by this time you will have had plenty of practice, and there’s very little traffic on the water anyway. Coltishall is also a great stopping point, not only because it is halfway, but also because it is home to a handful of local pubs, 1 of which is right on the riverfront! After you’ve refreshed and refuelled from your stop, it’s then homeward bound back down to Wroxham where you will end at our finish point right in the heart of the village.

There is then plenty of amenities in Wroxham to go to and visit, along with lots of different food options before you head back to your home, hotel, campsite or wherever you’re staying for the evening.

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June 2021
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Paddle Steamer - Paddle Steamer (5 hrs)
Option Price
2 Person Canoe
2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child Max weight 225kg/36st
3 Person/Family Canoe
3 adults or 2 adults and up to 2 small children (suggested up 10 years old). Max weight 225kg/36st